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Cool Brands UK

Cool Brands UK

The CoolBrands top 20 collest brands of 2013

Cool Brands UK

Cool Brands UK
Since 2001, they have been canvassing the opinions of experts and consumers to produce a barometer of Britain’s coolest brands, people and places. Each brand featured has qualified for inclusion based on the collective opinions of the Expert Council  and more than 2,000 members of the British public.
Experts and consumers were given the following guidelines when considering the brand list: Cool is subjective and personal. Accordingly, voters are not given a  definition but are asked to bear in mind the following factors, which  research has shown are inherent in a CoolBrand:

1. Style
2. Innovation
3. Originality
4. Authenticity
5. Desirability
6. Uniqueness
The CoolBrands top 20 collest brands of 2011 
1 Aston Martin – Automotive/Cars
2 Apple – Technology/General
3 Harley-Davidson – Automotive/Motorbikes
4 Rolex – Fashion/Accessories, Jewellery, Watches
5 Bang & Olufsen – Technology/General
6 BlackBerry – Technology/Telecommunications
7 Google – Online
8 Ferrari – Automotive/Cars
9 Nike – Sportswear & Equipment
10 YouTube – Online
11 Alexander McQueen – Fashion/Designer
12 Dom Perignon – Drinks/Champagne
13 PlayStation – Leisure & Entertainment/Games & Toys
14 Ray-Ban – Fashion/Accessories, Jewellery, Watches
15 Chanel – Fashion/Designer
16 Nintendo – Leisure & Entertainment/Games & Toys
17 Vivienne Westwood – Fashion/Designer
18 Agent Provocateur – Fashion/Lingerie
19 Tate Modern – Leisure & Entertainment/UK Attractions & The Arts
20 Maserati - Automotive/Cars

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“A brand that captures your mind gains behavior. A brand that captures your heart gains commitment.”Scott Talgo, Brand Strategist


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