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Impressive Ballet Dance Photographs

Impressive Ballet Dance Photographs
Impressive Ballet Dance Photographs
Ballet is a type of stage art, performance, the content of which is embodied in the musical and choreographic images. By history, Ballet originated in the Italian Renaissance courts of the 15th century and after that, it developed into a concert dance form in Russia and France. The main types of dance in the ballet is a classical dance and character dance. The important role played pantomime, with which the actors convey a sense of the characters, their "talk" to each other, the essence of what is happening. In today's widely used by other ballet dance technique, as well as elements of gymnastics, acrobatics, martial arts, etc. Today, we come up with 30 absolutely impressive ballet dance photographs. Take a joyful look and spread happiness.

1. Ballerina in pink dress а against studio backgroundBallerina in pink dress а against studio background
2. Natascha Mair, Wiener Staatsballett2. Natascha Mair, Wiener Staatsballett.3. dancer3. dancer4. Kristy4. Kristy5. The dancer5. The dancer6. Impressive Ballet Dance by Two Girls6. Impressive Ballet Dance by Two Girls7. Man and Woman Ballet Dance7. Man and Woman Ballet Dance8. Entwined in Red8. Entwined in Red9. Sarah Biernat #9 Contemporary Dancer9. Sarah Biernat #9 Contemporary Dancer10. Wild Roses10. Wild Roses11. Salut to Ballet11. Salut to Ballet12. Desert flower12. Desert flower13. Lion in the Dark13. Lion in the Dark14. the dancer14. the dancer15. Emily15. Emily16. Ballet Dance16. Ballet Dance17. Viola17. Viola18. Paula18. Paula19. Ballerina Swordfight19. Ballerina Swordfight20. Eszter Ledan, Vienna State Ballet20. Eszter Ledan, Vienna State Ballet21. Ballet21. Ballet22. Dance anywhere22. Dance anywhere23. Jump with grace23. Jump with grace24. An Angel24. An Angel25. Erika25. Erika26. Ballerina in the Park26. Ballerina in the Park27. ALYSSA MAKSYM - Dancer - Choreographer27. ALYSSA MAKSYM - Dancer - Choreographer28. Ballet Dance28. Ballet Dance29. Dancer29. Dancer30. A Joyous Finish30. A Joyous FinishBonus: 31. Lion in the Dark31. Lion in the DarkPosted in: , ,


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