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Amazing Macro Photography for Insects By Leon Baas

Leon Baas has developed his own style of brightly colored macro photography over eight years. He has snapped ants, snails, water beetles, crickets and damselflies - all beautifully lit in his distinctive style.
Amazing Macro Photography for Insects By Leon Baas
صور دقيقه ميكرو للحشرات بواسطة الفنان ليون باس

Ladybird at the water's edge

A spider picks its way over petals

A praying mantis against a dramatic background

"The shot of the flying ladybird was a once in a lifetime photograph. I am very happy with it and do not think it will ever happen again," says Leon

An ant is illuminated with a purple glow

Leon says he researches the creatures he hopes to photograph before leavinghome so he can try to predict their behaviour and anticipate the best shots. A tiny ant looks towards Leon's camera

A snail trying to find a way across water in Leon's garden

Two spiders walk down a plant stem

Two water beetles


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